!!Happy Easter!!

So, as you all can figure out, Easter is right around the corner. And even though the tradition to celebrate Easter through the popular game "Easter Egg Hunting" is not originally from our country, we do like parties and excuses to throw them. So we want to help you organize your little gathering with your kiddos.

Here are some tips for your own personal Egg Hunting game:

1. Set the right mood. Decorate your house using any of these pastel colors: baby pink, fucsia, purple, baby blue and orange. And always, with this particular celebration, decorate with chocolate and candies, children will go crazy about it.

  • Ideas to decorate using candies:

  • Buy some wicker baskets and fill them with colorful chocolate eggs.

  • Use pale tin cans as centerpieces (as seen in picture below) and fill them with cotton candy and lollipops.

  • And do not forget to buy some fresh flowers for the final touch.

2. For a twist, color code your eggs, and give every kid or group of kids a color for them to find.

3. Keep track of where you place those eggs, don’t wan’t to find one on Christmas right? jaja

4. Fill your eggs with different prizes, use candies and little toys such as a mini car toy for the boys and bracelets for the girls.

5. Top Secret! Choose the right party snack for your kids. You can’t go wrong with popcorn right? And it's even better if its fresh and homemade. We recommend our popcorn machines, kids love them. Ask for them!

6. And as a last tip, this one is for the grown ups, make yourself some personalized cocktail drinks so you can have fun watching your kid(s) run around the backyard looking for those eggs. We recommend this super cute cocktail drink with bunny gummies as seen in the picture below. Here is link for the recipe: http://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/entertaining/cherry-marshmallow-cocktail-recipe​

With all these tips you are ready to organize your own Easter Egg Hunt! We personally love to organize family events, with tons of activities for the little ones, our favorite games include Jumpers, fair and sport games.

We wish you a wonderful day with your family and many blessings. !Happy Easter everyone!

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